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Video Analysis

In-Depth breakdown of your running or lifting technique.

Video analysis is a necessity for those wanting to increase their running or lifting proficiency and mitigating injuries. Video analysis allows the athlete to see exactly what the coach sees - both efficient and inefficient - providing invaluable information to encourage the enhancement of your perception and proficiency. All video analysis will be emailed to you for further study, along with drills and exercises to overcome fallacies.

The Importance of Routine Video Analysis
Just like getting your eyes checked by an Optometrist to see clearly, receiving a video analysis of yourself is essential to clearly see your technique. With LARL In-depth Video Analysis, you will see the good, the bad, and the ugly of your technique, and with this feedback, we can develop you into a biomechanically efficient machine through a routine of prescribed drills and exercises that build precision, strength, and speed. 

Video analysis is not only for teaching technique to novices, seasoned runners develop bad habits over time from fatigue and constant repetition—it’s always beneficial to get a tune up—Video Analysis is our diagnostic tool. 

Online Video Analysis also available. See our online coaching!