Over the course of our life, our body inevitably learns compensated movement patterns in order to adapt to certain lifestyle factors, or injuries we incur. This leads to pain, dysfunction and eventually  more injuries, catastrophic and acute. Proper mobility exercises are the remedy to this continuum, but we are not talking about plain-ole’ stretching here, or mashing on your foam roller…true mobility is gained through specific sequence of exercises that will arguably be one of the most challenging workouts you’ll encounter. The greater the challenge, the greater the reward with mobility training and the foam roller WILL NOT cut it!!!! We are happy to show you what is needed to get you moving efficiently and pain free!

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LA Run&Lift is a proud provider of Functional Range Conditioning and Functional Range Assessment. “Developed by world-renowned musculoskeletal expert Dr. Andreo Spina, Functional Range Conditioning® is a comprehensive joint training system based on scientific principals and research.” With FRC, we’ll focus on 3 things: 1) Mobility Development—building range of motion 2) Joint Strength—building resilience in specific joints and their ranges of motion 3) Body Control—the ability to safely express range of motion in a movement of higher complexity.  

FRC is currently used as the go-to modality for injury prevention as well as rehabilitation in all major professional sports: NFL, NBA, MLB, UFC, etc. as well as Physical Therapy Clinics.

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Functional Range Assessment

The FRA is more than just an assessment, it’s a lie detector test for your joint’s range of motion. Often times we think we posses more range than we actually do… this assessment will find the inefficiencies that are present. All clients/athletes undergo the FRA as a precursor to training. The assessment helps  determine the exercises you will be subjected to as it should always be a  SAFE AND APPROPRIATE PROGRESSION. If in the event that we find any major deficiencies or there is unnecessary pain in a particular area(s), you may be referred to a trusted physical therapist for treatment.