Running is a natural as it gets when it comes to human locomotion, and though running is a natural instinct/activity, it’s as much a skill, and an art…much like playing a piano: If you put on a piano concert but haven't learned to play piano scales, you just hit keys to make sounds, your concert would sound terrible, and it’s apparent that you are not skilled at playing that instrument. Similarly, running arbitrarily or with improper concepts will generally be followed by performance plateaus, injuries, or some give up running altogether because of the development of joint and muscle dysfunction in many areas of the body…just like you cant simply hit keys to make good music, you cant simply put one foot in front of the other and expect to have a good run.

Music and Running are both subject to the laws of nature and mathematics. If you want to make acceptable music, you must obey timing, rhythm, and certain invariable aspects essential to compose enjoyable, well-timed musical numbers. Running also has rhythm, timing, and other essential aspects necessary to display an enjoyable/efficient running experience. One must not run "naturally," as many often do, but learn to RUN WITH NATURE.