"If you want to be Healthy - Run; If you want to be Handsome - Run;
if you want to be Smart - Run." -Ancient Greek Aphorism

Running is as natural as it gets when it comes to human locomotion, and though running is a natural instinct, it’s as much a skill, and an art…much like playing a piano. So, if you put on a piano concert but haven't learned to play piano scales--you just hit keys to make sounds, your concert would sound unpleasant and disorganized. It would be apparent that you are not skilled at playing that instrument. Similarly, running arbitrarily or with improper concepts will generally be followed by unpleasantness such as performance plateaus, injuries, or some give individuals give up running altogether because of the development of joint and muscle dysfunction in many areas of the body. Hence, just like you cannot simply hit keys arbitrarily to make quality music, you can't simply put one foot in front of the other and expect to have a quality run.



Music and Running have some major commonalities as they are both subject to the laws of nature and mathematics. If you want to make acceptable music, you must obey timing, rhythm, and certain invariable aspects that are essential to compose enjoyable, well-timed musical numbers. Running too, has rhythm, timing, and essential aspects, necessary for enjoyment and efficiency. One must not run "naturally," as many often do,  but learn the proper rhythm, timing, and most importantly the invariable aspects that all runners are subject to...learn to RUN WITH NATURE. 

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LA Run&Lift proudly teaches The POSE Method of running/movement ( The POSE method was discovered by world renowned sport scientist, and Olympic coach, Dr. Nikolas Romanov. POSE is a concept; an understanding of what is actually happening when you run/move, based on the laws of physics and biomechanics (Laws of Nature). No guru-opinions here, only tried and tested sciences. Like anything, it all starts in the mind and it’s comprehension of accurate concepts. To learn POSE will take time, patience, and commitment, but if you are willing to take the steps to learn a new skill, you will undoubtedly be running faster, farther, and injury free!! 

Neil and Dr. Nikolas Romanov

Neil and Dr. Nikolas Romanov

POSE Method Benefits:

  • InjuryRateReduction
  • Work with gravity, NOT against it
  • Metabolize energy 50% more efficiently
  • Run faster and  farther
  • More enjoyable running experiences

LA Run&Lift has taught running and movement to ages 4-70+; Sprints, Mid-Distance, Endurance, UltraEndurance, and all multi-directional sports. It virtually never too late or too soon to learn to run better!!

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