Strength is an essential spoke in your Fitness Wheel and the wheel must be trued constantly. Strength and Conditioning programs are IMPERATIVE for health and longevity in sports and in life, and through calculated and appropriate progressions, you will be subject to environments that will allow you to change and adapt so you get the results you want and need.  

Sport Specific or General Strength & Conditioning programs are all-encompassing routines that have fun and simple goal setting, track progression, and can easily be adjusted for anyone's ability and lifestyle. If you've never worked out in your life, been lifting for a decade or two; if you're a football player or a ballet dancer, ages 4-70+...  LA Run&Lift can make you stronger, more resilient to injuries, overall healthier and more efficient!

Balance, Mobility, and general conditioning will also be a major focus of LARL Strength&Conditioning programs. 

Lifting for Runners & Endurance Athletes
At LA Run&Lift, we clearly love to run...and that is why we lift. Because strength by definition is: the ability to overcome and resist force, and when we run, the body must withstand nearly 3x our body weight at ground contact. Hence, the body is withstanding an extremely high volume of forces throughout a run! So whether you're a highly competitive sprinter or marathon runner, or a 5k weekend warrior, you need to be strong to run---Training your strength systems has direct carry-over to performance enhancement for cardio-endurance activities and LARL specializes in making you stronger, safely and appropriately without adding unnecessary muscle mass.

A large focus will also be placed on Muscle and Tendon Elasticity and Explosive Strength (necessary components for proper running), as well as Balance and Mobility.


Ladies Lift Too!

Lifting weights helps to remove unwanted body mass where you don't want it and adds muscle where you do; all while increasing your metabolism and making your body strong and lean. You won't get "jacked" but you will get fit and feel great! 

Misconceptions of Lifting:

  • Lifting makes you big and beefy. Incorrect. Eating for weight gain or improperly does. If you lift appropriately and eat appropriately, you'll become strong and lean. 
  • Lifting makes you "tight" and immobile. Incorrect. Mobility can and will increase if you lift correctly. 
  • Lifting makes you slow. Incorrect. Heavy lifting utilizes Type-II (fast twitch) fibers, ultimately making you faster and more responsive. Power-lifters and weightlifters have some of the fastest firing motor units of any athletes.