About LA Run&Lift

Coach Neil Douglas (Pictured)

LA Run&Lift is a private training and coaching service run by Coach Neil Douglas, a life-long athlete and seeker of truth in the fitness industry. Neil believes in teaching the mastery of moment and technique, alongside intelligent programming. Some of the clients he trains are highly competitive athletes, others come to him for weight-loss. From UltraMarathoners to clients with Cerebral Palsy, making people healthier and more efficient is what he does best-- "with the right mentality, your human machine can be trained to accomplish almost any task. To know the secrets of fitness is nothing more than to comprehend the science of...the art is the in the application. Science + Art = Coaching. The goal of LA Run&Lift is to make you the masterpiece you're capable of becoming."  

Professional Certifications:

  • National Academy of Science - Certified Personal Trainer/Corrective Exercise Specialist
  • Functional Range Systems - Assessment/Mobility Specialist
  • POSE Method Technique Specialist
  • USA Weightlifting - Olympic Weightlifting Coach
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